• 226815
  • 226815

Exclusive Balmain design in a modern silhouette. Monochromatic upper and lower barrel accented with stunning chrome details. Soft rubber stylus tip is integrated into the end cap of pen and eliminates fingerprints and smudges on your device. Compatible with any capacitive touchscreen device. Also ideal for any public touchscreen uses such as ATM or retail payment pads. Includes premium black ink cartridge.Formerly named the Balmain Toulon Ballpoint Stylus.



Print type and position

Color Print
Under Clip: 1.38(w) x 0.25(h)

Laser Print
Under Clip: 1.38(w) x 0.25(h)

All dimensions are in inches



226815 Balmain Classique Ballpoint Stylus

Lead time

7 working days